Artist Statement

« In der Kunst kann ich unmittelbar meinem Bedürfnis nach Versenkung, Erkenntnis und Freiheit folgen. Aus diesem geklärten Zustand trete ich neu in die Welt hinaus. »

« In Art, I can directly follow my need for immersion, understanding and freedom. Out of this balanced state, I step out into the world again. »

Raised in a family with two sisters and three brothers, we moved several times within Germany and spend 6 years in the United States when I was age 14 – 20. Thus, I became highly aware of the juxtapositions, interaction and interdependency between people in any given space and time.In my aim to `figure out ́ the components of balance between the individual and the collective needs and desires, works of art have always been my point of reference and dialogue partner.In my own art practice, I negotiated two basic matters: identity and transformation. The essence and process of this negotiation is stored in my work of art and can be experienced by the viewer, I hope.In my work, elements of form behave as a placeholder for the individual / the collective, while rhythm and structure, line and pattern, express qualities and means of interaction. A narrative and metaphorical approach of the subject matter connect to our human ability to navigate a story and our path of life. Abstract, minimal and silent space as well as meditative gesture within my art engage with my need and desire for spiritual growth.